Dragonflies of Sungai Wain

Ecological Field Guide to the Odonata of Lowland Mixed Dipterocarp Forest of Southeastern Kalimantan

Dan Bárta & Aleš Dolný

Taita Publishers 2013

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Dragonflies of Sungai Wain is clearly a labour of love by the authors, and a successful labour: it is a beautiful book that represents a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the dragonflies of Borneo. Not much is known about the dragonfly fauna of south-eastern Kalimantan and this book will help both visitors to Borneo and local researchers and enthusiasts to identify many of the species that can be found in the lowlands. The reader is given not only information and images of the species themselves, but an insight into how dragonflies are entwined with the habitat in which they are found, and how changes to that habitat affect them, and how they in turn reflect those changes. It is to be hoped that the book will encourage people to visit Sungai Wain, and other locations in Kalimantan, to look for dragonflies, and, most importantly, that it will stimulate local interest in these insects and their role as bio-indicators.

  • 223 color scans of 82 species
  • 24 habitat photos, 46 photos of living species
  • format 160x260 mm
  • 168 pages
  • 170 g luxury matte paper
  • text in english, czech and indonesian
  • soft cover
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