Le genre/The genus EUPHOLUS

Thierry Porion, Cédric Audibert

Taita Publishers, 2020

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”Le genre/The genus EUPHOLUS” is a welcome and important update and step to the knowledge of these wonderfull beetles of New guinea;

The authors have been studying the genus Eupholus for over 30 years, describing 32 of the 68 species known so far.

The introduction chapters provide the latest useful informations about history of the discovery, morphology, taxonomy, updated nomenclature
and a full key to all the species of the genus;

The second part of the work shows beautiful pictures of each known species with many more illustrations when the species has known variations and
some habitats; for each species is provided its etymology, synonyms when any, diagnosis, known distribution and some more notes when necessary.

The study of extensive material of museums and private collections also allowed to build the first distribution maps.

  • Text fully in English and French
  • Distribution maps for all species is given
  • Geographical and administrative map of New Guinea are presented
  • 172 pages printed on heavy luxury paper
  • Book format 240x295 mm, 380 photos
  • Hard cover
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